Innovative Energy Engineering


Lighting is responsible for most of a building's electricity consumption and impacts occupants' mood and productivity. Modern LED lighting superseded Fluorescent and HID lighting. Efficacy of modern LED exceeds 100 lm/W and predicted life is over 100,000 hours.


At low light levels the higher color temperature of LED is beneficial to the human eye and security cameras. Using LED at their natural color of ~ 6000K is recommended. For improved safety, security and efficiency a motion sensor can control dim levels and ensure lights are bright upon detection of motion.


Indoor lighting is best achieved with 4,000K - 5,000K color temperature and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 or higher. Most proprietary control systems require expensive service contracts and performing maintenance is problematic once the manufacturer ends support. If you need to read a book to turn on a light, something is wrong. Line voltage IR motion sensors and user adjustable 0-10v dimmers are the best option to provide maintainable and user-friendly controls. Wall-sensors (replacing switches) proved troublesome since users damage the senor over time. In most cases regular switches and ceiling-sensors work best.

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